Video Description: montage of the artists MadSteez and Its a Living faces

SENTIMENTS (or SENTIMIENTOS), featured two incredibly talented visual landscape artists:

MADSTEEZ and It’s A Living.

This show serves as a living, breathing art studio tapping into the
subconscious of deconstructed emotions and memories.

SENTIMENTS aims to acknowledge
the remarkable ability of two distinct artists, both with their own unique styles, processes, and backgrounds, and illustrates how their intuition, emotions and energies transform blank canvases into art. This will be the first time both artists have ever collaborated.

Video Description: MadSteez Its a Living (Mark and Ricardo) An Exhibition at Industry One May 25 - July 31 2023
Industry One gallery with white walls and drop cloth sculpture in middle of floor
white virgin Mary statue in front of white wall
2 skateboards, nintendo entertainment center, nintendo power glove and nike sneaker all painted with on wooden walls also painted white
Mark (MadSteez) in gallery with all white walls. Plastic drop cloth on floor
MadSteez spray paints BMX bike
Madsteez and Its a Living paint large canvases on corner walls
Mad Steez stands in the middle of gallery space with four canvases on wall in progress of being painted. Painted tarps cover the ground along with many buckets of paint, rollers and spray paint cans
Madsteez stands in front of painted tarp sculpture. He is holding a staple gun. Its a living stands behind sculpture
Its a Living spray painting a virgin Mary statue
Madsteez and Its a Living stand in front of finished large painting. Paint supplies and drop cloths cover floor
Inside gallery entrance. Vinyl graphics on wall display the words Sentiments Sintimientos Industry One. Spray painted signs also say name of show along with artists names Madsteez and Its a Living
View of whole show from gallery floor. Mother Mary spray painted statue, painted tarp sculpture, face montage and video screen wall prominent
Sentiments Art show in Industry One gallery. Several paintings line 3 walls. A montage of two artists' faces is in center of gallery. Video screens on left wall. Tarp sculpture in foreground.
Wall with nine video screens in a grid showing behind the scenes footage of the artists creating the art in show. Large pile of cords sit on floor below screens
View of spray painted retro items in middlo of art show featuring skateboards, NES, Nintendo power glove and vintage Nike sneaker. Painted canvases line wall behind
View of spray painted retro items in middlo of art show featuring skateboards, NES, Nintendo power glove and vintage Nike sneaker. Painted canvases line wall behind
Spray painted Nintendo Entertainment System with Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt Game
2 large colorful paintings on corner walls.
painted tarp sculpture in middle of gallery floor, 4 paintings line the wall and a painted statue of virgin Mary
A color test spray painted sheet of paper taped next to a large colorful painting. Painting supplies are on the floor in front of painting as part of the exhibit
Outside Gallery Storefront window with vinyl stickers reading Sentiments Sentimeientos Industry One Madsteez Its a living
DJ putting needle down on vinyl record. Vinyl stickers on wall behind reads Sentiments Sentimientos Industry One
Crowd of people talk in front of video display at exhibit opening
View of Gallery during opening party from entrance corner. DJ and dozens of people drinking and socializing amongst paintings and sculptures
2 people play street fighter 2 arcade game that is spray painted artwork.
Women looks up artwork prices and info on her phone while in front of spray painted skateboard and spray painted cowboy hat
Madsteez talks with Exhibit attendees.
Its a Living poses with Exhibition attendee with drink in hand
Person next to painted bmx bike exhibit looking at their phone
Dozens of people in exhibition opening around painted tarp sculpture
2 people stand in front of large brightly colored abstract painting
several exhibit attendees socialize in front of large colorful paintings
Madsteez and Its a Living pose with Tinker Hatfield in front their paintings