Let It Be Known

Let it be known at the Industry One gallery in Portland, Oregon

“Let It Be Known” is designed with the intention of recognizing the profound global and cultural influence that Black artists impart upon the world. Its mantra reverberates through the voices of these artists, unwavering in their refusal to succumb to silence, narratives that call to be acknowledged, and artistic expressions that merit celebration. This exhibition is thoughtfully curated to incorporate generous expanses of white space that functions as a blank canvas, purposefully crafted to amplify the presence of the artists and showcase their impactful creations.

An art gallery with a painting on the wall.

The essence of “Let It Be Known” lies in the profound recognition of the worldwide and cultural influence wielded by Black artists. Its mantra emanates from the resilience of these artists, who adamantly reject silence, compel narratives that insist on being heard, and the art that unequivocally merits celebration. The show intentionally utilizes white space, meticulously crafting an immersive environment that elevates the artists and their creative endeavors.

A table comprised of a map of the United States held up by black colored arms and hands
A group of flags hanging on a wall.
A pair of gold and white teeth on display.
A piece of felt art with a blue, orange, and green face.
An art gallery with several paintings on the wall.
A black and white table with a map of the united states on it.
A group of people looking at a sculpture in an art gallery.
Man looks at bindeer of prints on tabletop in art gallery. Print says funk system
Man looks at two paintings on gallery wall of man with t-sirt and baseball hat on his head
large group of people in art gallery space during opening event
large group of people look at art and socialize in art gallery space during opening event
peerson squats down to admire sculpture of 4 black colored hands and arms holding up a map of the United States
Art gallery full of people socializing and admiring art
polaroid of 5 people posing at art gallery show
polaroid of the back of two people. one with a colorful jacket and the other with animal print jacket
Polaroid of three people with arms around each other and smiling pose in front of art gallery wall
Polaroid of DJ
polaroid of two people posing in front of art gallery wall
polaroid of DJ adjusting knobs on mixer
polaroid of two people smiling in front of art flags hanging on wall
night time phonto of Industry One art Gallery front window. A person walks by on sidewalk and the inside of gallery is lit up showing many people and art pieces inside the gallery