Esto Es Vida

Video Description: Esto es Vida a kaleidoscopic carousel that celebrates the full spectrum of human beauty. an exhibition by Industry One.

“Esto es Vida” embraces a way of being that revels in the full spectrum of humanity, cherishing the often hidden, unknown, and overlooked expressions of beauty. As viewers enter the space, they will embark on a journey, traversing experiences and emotions. The exhibition will showcase large-scale, floor-to-ceiling prints, allowing an intimate yet colossal connection with every subject. INDUSTRY One invites all art enthusiasts and culture connoisseurs to immerse themselves in a world that celebrates the vast spectrum of humanity and beauty.

Dorian Ulises López Macías, with his boundless creative vision, transforms the gallery space into a vehicle for those often underrepresented in the confines of the conventional beauty industry. Through his artistry, Macías seeks to honor the core of every unique soul captured, unearthing their inherent beauty while paying homage to the diverse world of Mexico and its vibrant people. His photography style merges conceptual fashion shoots with raw street portraits, creating a distinctive aesthetic that is undeniably human. Dorian’s work courageously features underrepresented and marginalized subjects, including dark-skinned Indigenous, Brown, and Black individuals living in Mexico. From redefining male beauty standards to showcasing the strength of Latina women, Dorian fearlessly challenges conventions in his creative practice.

Currently residing and working in Mexico City, Macías holds a BFA from La Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes, México. His unique perspective and unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of humanity have propelled him to the forefront of contemporary photography.

Art Gallery with fabric banners on ceiling reading INDUSTRY ONE, Esto es Vida and mexicana. Large portrait photos are hung on the wall
Dorian Lopez wearing Botas picudas walks on sidewalk in front of his Gallery show window. The window shows a Mexican man laying on beach with text reading esto es vida Industry One Mexicano
Very wide angle shot of Dorian wearing the Botas picudas in art gallery.
Dorian Lopez standing with Botas picudas on. Behind him are 4 large prints on the wall and 3 banners on ceiling.
Dorian standing in front of 3 of his prints. One print is a front of naked man. Second is close up of man's nipple. Third is rear view of naked woman on beach.
View of entire gallery with Dorian Lopez's Esta es Vida show whith many large prints on the wall. In center is featured a portrait of a man sitting holding a woman laying on his lap on a concrete block
wide angle view of entire show and gallery from corner of gallery
View of entire gallery and Esto es Vida show from the gallery entrance. Featured is greeting sign which reads: a way of being that celebrates the full spectrum of humanity, embracing the beauty of those hidden, unknown and often overlooked.
Large print of construction worker
Esto es vida gallery show opening party with many people in gallery looking at art, ordering drinks and sitting, conversing on u-shaped couch
3 people talking together during the gallery show opening
bartender handing gallery show attendee a drink. Crowd of many people in background
Dorina Lopez shows two gallery show attendees something on his phone. One man has mouth open and the other two have drinks in their hand
Dorian talks to two gallery show attendees
wide angle shot of DJ wearing button up shirt with flowers sewn in. He is adjusting knob on dj controllers
back of two people looking at a large print of woman's face in profile
Two people smiling at each other after kissing in front of a large print of two people kissing
Two people kiss in front of a large print of two people kissing
person with long eyelashes poses with hand under mouth
Woman posing with sun glasses on and holding a bag over her shoulder.
person in sunglasses and long white shirt crouches in front of gallery wall
2 people stand together in front of gallery wall
Man in long blue button up shirt with white under shirt and jeans stands in front of gallery wall
2 women pose together smiling in front of gallery wall
Woman with long colorful nails holds phone to ear posing in front of gallery wall
Woman and young boy pose in front of gallery wall
Back view of man standing facing gallery wall. Back of shirt says Stussy Born 8 Raised on an eight ball
Back view of person posing facing gallery wall. Back of shirt has Mother Mary with roses surrounding her
Dorian stands in room with multiple projections of his video work onto sheer fabric
Projection room showing Dorian's work projected onto sheer fabric
close up of red Botas picudas that say Mexicano on them on city sidewalk.
Back of jacket that reads Mexico is the shit