West End Wednesdays

Operating a business in a downtown area isn’t always easy but these challenges can be navigated with less friction when we embrace community among businesses.

From INDUSTRY One, meet West End Wednesday (WEW)—made to unite those in the West End neighborhood of Portland in order to build community, stoke creativity and power progress.

A man walks past a sign in front of a coffee shop.

Starting in June 2023, we made it our objective to unite businesses in the West End neighborhood and bring hype and excitement back to the area in a big way. To do this, we have been spearheading the organization of a neighborhood-wide event on the last Wednesday evening of each month.

Our hope is that as many businesses as possible will participate by doing something special or out of the ordinary that evening in order to get people excited about coming to the area. The more businesses that are participating, the more entry points people will have to come and experience Downtown PDX.

Through PR, asset creation, social media, and community participation, we look to open up our neighborhood to the Portland Metro Area and beyond.

A group of people standing in front of a tent in a city.
A man with a dog standing next to a table.
A man with afro hair holding a can of beer with West End Wednesday label.

“The sense of community and foot traffic really give us something to look forward to every month.”

– Kissing Booth

A woman is drawing on a t - shirt.

“What you are doing is helping us big time in a time that we all need that extra hand to bring Downtown back!”

– Amity Artisan Goods

A woman is playing a dj set in a store.
A person taking a picture of a plate of oysters.
A woman in a white dress is holding a glass of drink.

“Bamboo Sushi SW 12th was packed and we broke our sales record that day which was amazing!”

– Amity Artisan Goods

Two women toasting at a table with a bottle of wine.