Nuncia Siempre PDX

For our September West End Wednesday activation, we invited local Latinx event producer Espina Petal on Nuncio Siempre PDX to host their punk-cumbria drag event, Noche De Nalgothicas as the closing night celebration for the exhibition “Esto Es Vida.” Performances featured Dolores Sarape General, Eric and Angel Darko with music provided by DJ Espina Letal herself. All proceeds from the drag performances were donated to local organization, Q Center.

A woman is standing in front of a crowd of people.
A woman in a black dress performing drag in art gallery.
drag performer in light blond wig and walks by a group of people at art gallery while doing a drag performance
Drag performer dances in art gallery between groups of people
A man wearing a mask in an art gallery.
Industry One galler dimly lit with counter top visible as well as art banners in ceiling