Global Based DJ Workshop

Two people stand behind a DJ mixer

INDUSTRY One offered up our workshop space to local music collective, Global Based, for their DJ workshop teaching community members interested in learning to navigate standard digital set ups making them performance ready! The workshop was coordinated by the very talented team of DJ’s and event producers at Global Based, and taught by local DJ A Lo So.

Two individuals are working together in a modern studio setting with audio equipment. One is adjusting controls on a DJ mixer, while the other looks at a laptop. Behind them, screens display advanced sound effects.
2 people behind DJ mixer set up
3 people standing around a laptop and DJ mixer
Two individuals are DJing. One is operating the mixer, while the other, wearing headphones, adjusts settings on the equipment.
People sit around large white table working on laptops
Person using a laptop with DJ software on the screen, sitting at a table with another person in a casual setting.
Two men operate DJ equipment, with one wearing headphones and the other pointing at a control panel. They are in an indoor setting with a screen displaying text in the background.
A group of people are gathered in a well-lit, modern room. One person with a "GLOBAL BASED" shirt is seated at a table with DJ equipment, while others sit near laptops and raise hands.
Two individuals sitting near DJ equipment and laptops in front of a "GLOBAL BASED" sign, with drinks and headphones on the table. One person is wearing a yellow top with "10 BIMBO" printed.
A group of five people sit around a white table with laptops and various drinks, engaged in a discussion or collaborative work. One person is writing on a notepad, and others are looking at their screens.
A group of people sitting in a modern classroom, engaging in a discussion while a presentation is displayed on two screens at the front of the room. A "Global Based" poster is on the wall.
Several people work on laptops at a long table in a room with a large screen displaying digital art and text.